I am interested in architecture’s multidisciplinary character and social consequences. My studies have engaged theoretical discourses, mostly social space design theories in connection to and supported by urbanism approaches that look at users as key makers of places. My research subject has been an avant-garde path of exploration on social space design theories that foster the creation of what I have come to terms as “protean spaces” _safe, accessible, and intriguing social spaces that allow flexible habitations and empower people to create places that offer social interaction and support. Urbanism in my hometown Tehran made the valid context to look at protean space creations and their prospects as new typologies of public space. To foster protean spaces in Tehran, I mapped the city’s marginal possibilities at unconventional territories: the intra-city natural landscape residues, mundane sidewalks, and ordinary houses. My research presents a new way of thinking about, and ultimately offering, welcoming, safe, and energized places for Tehran’s citizens that additionally has important implications for inhospitable public spaces worldwide.